Public statement

In September 2012 this website announced the product launch of RISR, a wearable sensor network that teaches how to improve one's body language through vibration feedback. This announcement was a staged media event in which all participants have played a fictive role.

The key idea of this project is to visualise a fictive but plausible design concept based around existing research in medical technology. Starting point was an industry-lead research project ( Valedo ) by Prof. Dr. Dominique Brodbeck (School of Life Sciences Basel) together with the Zurich-based firm Hocoma.

We related their ideas about motion analysis in medical contexts with recent developments in consumer-level 3D tracking, vibration feedback systems
( MotivePro ) and a recently growing public interest in personal improvements through sensor systems ( LUMOback ).

We came to the conclusion that a product that improves the wearer's use of body language could sit in a plausible and meaningful scenario. Together with the Köln-based film and television production firm Gegenschuss Ludwig Zeller shot a fictive image trailer for the RISR concept.

In the following weeks RISR was presented in more than two hundred web journals including TechCrunch, Gizmodo and Yahoo! and collected controversial feedback and comments. It was one of the designated goals of this project to raise public awareness and discussion about the possibilities of feedback-based sensor networks.

Basel, October 2012
Simon Grand, Ludwig Zeller


A project by Ludwig Zeller
in collaboration with Kjen Wilkens and Simon Grand
for a commission by Andreas Hofmann.

RISR has been part of the strategic initiative "Crossmedia"
at the Academy of Art and Design in Basel.

Florian Egermann, Johanna Pingel, Kjen Wilkens, Ludwig Zeller

Video production:
Gegenschuss Film- und Fernsehproduktion

Project assistance:
Johanna Pingel, Amelie Neumann

Motion Tracking:
David Murmann

Thorsten Stohr - Maxim Mumber
Philipp Wolff - Philipp Enders
Peter von Mark - Martin Schäfer
Alexander Herb - Josef Mensing
Julia Pfeiffer - Simone Haas
Woman in bar - Cornelia Trümper
Participant 1 - Frank Raatschen
Participant 2 - Mirjam Wille
Participant 3 - Michael Held