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  • Report on Fast Company:

    “Who is really confident about their posture and mannerisms? Beauty queens and the intoxicated. The rest of us trudge through life hoping we aren’t standing like we were in that one picture. Ugh, don’t be nice about it. You know the one.”
    -Mark Wilson
    “Is the benefit it brings worth leaving your struggling personality behind? I’m going with a big “yes” on that one."
    -Mark Wilson
  • "I lead a training company that is often considered the European leaders in embodiment - the subjective experience of the body - particularly as applied to business leadership and resilience. I see many possible synergies between what we do and would love to talk more."
    - eMail request
  • "Sitting at a computer for 8+ hours a day––
    I could definitely benefit from wearing this.
    Must have."
    - Commentor on gizmodo.com
    "So you have no problem to upload photos every hour of what you are doing right now via the camera?"
    - Commentor on gizmodo.com
  • Report on Techcrunch :

    "As if human interaction in the post-Internet age wasn’t weird enough, here’s RISR."
    -John Biggs
  • Comments on Techcrunch :

    "A much needed product. Looking forward to trying it."
    - Startup Saturdays
    "This brings a whole new meaning to the term web sensors. I think it's great if it really is able to help some people-- it seems like it would be more of a distraction though than a help, don't you think?"
    - Ruby Walters
  • Comments on Techcrunch :

    "Nice product but the look of it scares me off!"
    - Ahmad Boostani
    "Also the whole "attraction mode" and the screen visible in the video - you can't deduct that from 8 sensors and a camera how attractive you are to others. Still: I would love such a product which could remind me to walk up straight and sit in a specific position."
    - Dennis Gaida
  • "We offer seminars about self-management and leadership and could imagine to use your system there."
    - eMail request
  • Report on The Comic and Sans :

    "I think their basic concept of the device and app are really neat, but this thing really went from zero to creepy super quick. I just can’t get around the fact that it has a camera that tracks targets … and it’s kind of weird how they imply at the end that he’s going to have sex with his 'target'."
    - The Comic and Sans
  • Report on Trendpiraten:

    "Is this all a good therapeutic measure and aid, or make us gadgets like these to 'social robots'?"
    - jowi
  • "I'm really interested in the RISR. And I know others who will be also - we just like to optimize our posture. When and how can I get my hands on your intriguing product? Also, if you have use of beta testers in the USA, kindly let me know."
    - eMail request

How it works

Workshop with the RISR Vest.
  • Most of our interpersonal communication is coming from mimic and body language
  • RISR helps you to improve this skill for important situations in business and private life
  • Technology is based on existing research in medical applications

System overview

RISR System Diagram


  • Qualified training will be available in workshops to achieve perfect fine tuning to your specific body language needs
  • Role playing and coaching services in order to determine individual training goals
Workshop with the RISR Vest.
RISR User Thorsten

"I was shy and couldn't approach women. Thanks to RISR I now have a self-confident appearance and am much happier."

RISR User 2

"My professional situation has much improved. Now I don't have to be afraid of important presentations anymore."